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    What people say

    Maureen Albers
    What I encountered at Uncle Dick’s Home caught me totally off guard. I sat surrounded by children, who were singing a chorus entitled ‘The Love of God,’ and I experienced God’s pure love in a way I never have before. Instead of coming away feeling sorry for these children and wanting to bring them back to America, I left knowing that they already have everything they need. They are wonderfully loved and cared for, and they have a real, vibrant relationship with a living God who is manifesting Himself through them.
    Dr. Jimmy Scroggins
    The children [at Uncle Dick's Home] were so beautiful, and we had a great time laughing, playing, and singing. The orphanage is an amazing place with a play area, fruit trees, a garden, a modern kitchen, and gorgeous landscaping. The staff at the orphanage does a tremendous job, and the children are bright, well-groomed, and obviously well-cared for. Most of all, I was thrilled to listen to the kids as they sang songs about Jesus and recited Scripture verses. Each one of these children has a great opportunity to learn about God and to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus. Uncle Dick’s Home is the instrument of God in the lives of these children, as He proves that He is a ‘father to the fatherless,’ and as He makes a way for the little children to come to Him.
    Taylor Bryant
    One of the most incredible opportunities I had in the Philippines was to preach the gospel to 5,000 Filipino students and teachers. Watching the power of the Holy Spirit settle on the hearts of the children was indescribable as thousands of hands, without hesitation, were raised confessing Christ as their Lord and Savior.
    Josh Gentry
    Many times after preaching, I would hand out gospel tracts, then head to the front of the room to pick up my backpack. I noticed the kids would always stop and immediately read the tract out loud. I loved to pause and listen. One day, I heard the teacher in the class next door leading the reading of the tract aloud, line by line. It was a sweet sound of good news.