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Mission Trips

In addition to praying for our ministry and supporting us financially, you can serve with us on a short-term evangelistic mission trip! Every year, we send teams to the Philippines for two, three, five, or six-week trips. If you are interested in serving with us, please see the “Mission Opportunities” page to see our upcoming trips, and submit an inquiry.
We offer a two-week trip in January, several trip options during the summer (two to six weeks trip options), and a two-week trip in October.
We accept applications year-round. Usually, we encourage applicants to submit their forms 4 months prior to the trip to allow them more time to raise their funds.
No. We only offer the evangelistic mission trips two weeks during January, six weeks during the summer, and two weeks in the fall. If it is your first time serving with us, we recommend that you serve on one of the two-week trips in the summer.
Typically, we do not allow you to serve with our team for just one week. The travel time to the Philippines takes two entire days on the way there (because the Philippines is twelve hours ahead of EST) and one full day on the way back. Because of the extensive travel time, the two-week trip is the minimum time offered.
You must be 15 years old to serve with our team. The primary focus of our mission trips is evangelism in the elementary and high schools of the Philippines Our itinerary requires team members to be mature in their conduct and in their walk with Christ. There are also age requirements for children traveling internationally without their legal guardian. For applicants whose guardian would also like to serve with us, we will take mature 14 year olds but no younger.
We do not offer any service-related trips. Our primary focus is evangelism in the schools of the Philippines. Occasionally, we have conducted evangelistic medical clinics in conjunction with our evangelistic trips in the summer, but this is not something we have been able to arrange on an annual basis.
Team members arise early each morning (often times as early as 3 or 4 AM), dress, and have breakfast. The team will then break up into smaller teams of two-to-four Americans and will work with the BTEA Filipino staff, who will serve as drivers and translators. Your team will be assigned a list of schools each day where you will go and share the gospel. Sometimes, you will be allowed to assemble all the students and speak to them at once. Other times, you may share the gospel in each classroom at the school. You will meet back with all other teams each night to have dinner and share testimonies from the day.
Our January team and our fall team is usually made up of about 15 people. Our summer mission team is made up of about 100 people.
Many of the people who serve on our team are individuals from around the world. However, we also have youth groups and college groups serve with us.
The mission trip costs are heavily based on international airfare expenses. The trip cost is all-inclusive – it covers your international travel, travel within the Philippines, bottled water, all meals, and lodging. The cost ranges from $3,500-$6,600, depending on the length of your trip. Most people raise the money required to go on our trips. We also offer the opportunity to visit our orphanage during some of our mission trips. The trip to the orphanage is an additional $300.
We work all over the Philippines. It is the goal of the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association that we share a clear, accurate presentation of the gospel with as many people as possible. Because of that, we do not go to the same place/schools as the previous year.
Our mission trips are always led by the BTEA Filipino staff and at least one of our American staff evangelists or veterans. Bob Tebow always leads one of the teams on the summer trip.
We do offer a mission trip meeting in Jacksonville, Florida in the months leading up to our summer mission trip. These meetings are not required but give you the opportunity to meet some of our staff, along with others who will be going on the mission trip. We also provide a manual for each person going on the trip. In the manual, you will find a sample gospel presentation to memorize, along with info about that Philippines, traveling there, what to wear, what to pack, etc.
Teams will stay in hotels. Our Filipino staff goes before us to find a nice, safe place to stay.
No immunizations are required; however, it is always wise to have your tetanus shot up-to-date. If you contact the US Department of Health, they may also recommend several additional vaccinations or medications, but none are required. Malaria is secluded to very few areas in the Philippines.
There are several international airports in the US that have connecting flights to Asia. Your city of origin will determine which city you fly through. We do our best to put team members on connecting flights with other team members. It is more difficult to connect with others if you are flying from the mid-west or the western part of the US. We primarily fly on Delta, which offers fewer flights out of Texas and other states out west.
We look for individuals who are teachable, humble, willing to work hard, and have a solid relationship with Jesus Christ. Because our trips are evangelistic, it is very important that your religious views and beliefs line-up with ours. You can find a statement of what we believe on the menu on our homepage. It is also important that you work well with others because you will be serving very closely with a team.
Although our mission trips are not geared towards a specific age, they are very intense and tend to attract more young people than any other age. The daily travel and living conditions are much more difficult than daily living in the US. We have had people of all ages serve with us before from 15 years old to over 70 years old. The average age of our applicants tend to be young people in their 20s, however.

Speaking Engagements

BTEA does not handle Timmy’s schedule, nor any requests that are directed to him. All such requests should be submitted via or depending on the type of request.
Because of the volume of requests we receive from people interested in having Bob or Pam speak, these requests are handled separately from BTEA. Please visit to submit a speaking request for Bob or Pam Tebow.

Other Questions

At this time, we do not have any internship positions in any areas of our ministry.
Most banks offer an automatic bill pay option and will send a check every month around the same time based off of your preferences. All you need to do is provide them with the name of our organization and our address listed below:

Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association
8834-F Goodby’s Executive Dr.
Jacksonville, FL 32217


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